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Frequently Asked Questions 

How is a class run?

Every adult class begins with a 15 minute warm up followed by 45 minutes of basic technique and ending with 10 minutes of conditioning and stretching.  All skills are taught low to the ground with a mat underneath you.  Classes have a maximum of four people per class to insure proper spotting while attending to technique and form.  


Kids classes are an hour long and start off with juggling, hula hooping or some other manipulation skill.  We will have a fun warm-up followed by the apparatus of the day, either silks or trapeze.  At the end of class we will do some conditioning and stretching.

What do I wear for classes?
Please wear tight fitting, comfortable clothing that covers the back of the knees. Tank tops are fine as long as you bring an extra layer to cover the armpits. Tops must be able to tuck in to your pants, as you will be going upside down. Sports bras for women and briefs or a dance belt for men are a must. Long hair should be up and away from the face, and please no jewelry, zippers, or anything that can catch.  Please bring a water bottle.

I have some experience from another studio, how do I know what level I am in?  
Best thing is to contact the instructor so you can figure it out together. Just shoot us an email and we can find the right class for you. 

I can't do a pull-up or have a split, I should work on that before signing up right?
Not at all!  By coming to class you will gain strength and flexibility.  It really doesn't matter what kind of shape you are in or even how old you are.  We will work with you by using modifications to help you achieve your own personal goal.

I'm interested but not sure I want to sign-up for a full session.  Is there a way to try it out?
Sure is!  We have taster workshops about once a month.  This is a one time class that you can try out before signing up for a full session.

I know I can't make all the classes, do you offer refunds or can I just drop-in to a class?
Please read our policy page before signing up as it will answer all refunds, cancellation and drop-in questions.  In trying to keep classes small and the importance of progressions, we only allow drop-ins in the advanced classes with instructor approval.  There are no refunds.  If you have a schedule that keeps changing, private lessons are always an option.

I love aerial so much!  I want to rig in my house or on a tree!
We love how excited you are to keep training but please check out this document before attempting to rig in your home or on a tree.  It can be extremely dangerous.  Open studio is a great place to train where you will be with other people and on professional rigged apparatuses.  

I love aerial but I live kind of far from Gloucester, where else can I train?

ESH Circus Arts: Sommerville, MA

Commonwealth Circus Center: Boston, MA

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